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Ancient Greece, Athens, Troy, Imperial Rome, Ancient Egypt, Babylonia. What incredible civilizations lie thousands of years in our past! How often do you have the opportunity to hold one of the precious artifacts of these past civilizations? A glass perfume bottle from ancient Rome? A clay oil lamp or bottle from Ancient Israel? A porcelain vase or ceramic figurine from Ancient China? Coins, for instance, came into being during the seventh century B.C. in Lydia and Ionia, and were made from a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver. Each coin blank was heated and struck with a hammer between two engraved dies. Unlike modern coins, they were not uniformly round. Each coin was wonderfully unique. Coinage quickly spread to the island and city states of Western Greece. Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.) then spread the concept of coinage throughout the lands he conquered.

Ancient coins, rings, bracelets, pottery, glassware, and other such artifacts allow the collector an affordable glimpse of the glories of past civilizations and their art forms. Follow Ancient Greek's legendary Alexander the Great's conquests across Asia. Gaze upon the faces of Cleopatra, Marc Antony, Julius Caesar, and Augustus at the height of the glory of the Roman Empire. Witness the expansion of Rome's empire throughout the known world through the powerful images of its emperors and the commemoration of their accomplishments. View the rise of Christianity and the intrigue of the Byzantine Empire. View portraits of Christ from fifteen centuries ago! See all of this as represented on these exquisite miniatures of ancient art, the coin, and touch, feel, own, and even wear and enjoy other such artifacts.

Ancient coins, bracelets, rings, pendants, pottery, and glassware are archaeological treasures from the past. They were buried for safekeeping because of their value and have been slowly uncovered throughout modern history. Oftentimes soldiers far from home, gathered beside their campfires the night before battle, remembered wistfully home and family. One by one, they would leave the fire and steal into the darkness long enough to bury their coins, jewelry, and other personal possessions, even booty, hoping and believing that they would live long enough to recover them, and to return to their family.

Perhaps this was one of those timeless treasures! If it is, then your soldier never returned to reclaim his treasure, and his coins, jewelry, and other possessions were left untouched for millennia. One can only imagine the soldier's fate, his family's grief. These treasures remained buried as Rome fell...as the thousand years of the "dark ages" of European history marched by...while King Arthur and "Camelot" lived and died...as the Vikings savaged the North Atlantic...as Columbus "discovered" North America...while Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven, Van Gogh, and Renoir created their masterpieces...as Newton and Galileo revolutionized our concepts of the world...as America fought its war of independence...through two great tragic world wars that swept the globe...before this timeless treasure finally saw light again.

Now, perhaps one hundred generations later, you have the opportunity to hold this very same artifact. Who knows, perhaps the most recent owner of this treasure was a distant ancestor. Considering the tremendous age of these artifacts, it is incredible that they can still be acquired at such affordable prices. Such timeless treasure reflects the artistic, political, religious, and economic themes of their times. The acquisition of ancient coins and other artifacts is a unique opportunity to collect art which has been appreciated throughout the centuries.